This class helps fix anti/social/aggressive dog

Anti-Social / Grumpy Dogs

We only hold one of these classes per week.  

You will be in a group of like minded people all with difficult dogs.  

We will help you as much as we can and you will be the most relaxed you’ve been with your dog.

Saturday Morning 9:00am start.

DTCE Anti-Social

Anti-Social behaviour is one of the most frustrating and upsetting things dog owners have to deal with. At home the dogs are usually pretty well behaved and part of the family, however, it’s very hard not to fall out with your dog if it keeps attacking people or other dogs when you are outside.

We have spoken to a lot of dog owners, some of which have resorted to taking their dogs for a walk at one or two o’clock in the morning so as to avoid meeting people or other dogs. This approach may be ok for the minority but it doesn’t help cure the problem. In fact, most owners don’t realise that their dogs can probably be re-trained and learn to mix and socialise correctly.

The advantage we have at DTCE is that we can take a whole class of antisocial dogs together, so if a dog does show aggression, no one else in the class gets too upset because they are in the same position. We provide time and skilled help that will allow you to fix the problem – Some people assume this could make the dogs worse; it doesn’t !

All dogs are muzzled and on lead to begin with, this makes it much safer for the dogs to mix and the handlers can learn to be more relaxed when their dog is approached by or approaches another dog.

We have people attending from far afield and have an extremely high success rate.

To find us

We are very close to the A13 - A128 Junction

Head towards Chadwell St. Mary you will pass a computer shop on  left call Red House. Our turning is the next on the left around 200 meters further on. It’s a small private road to Barehams Kennels and the Orsett Golf Club

Drive around the bend at the end and park end on against our fence on the left (Please do not park in the road or  golf club car park) . £15 per visit

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