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socialOur aim at DTCE is to provide a comprehensive Dog Training Service which can cater for all breeds and all types of dogs.

Our group of experienced instructors offer the very best in training techniques to ensure a happy and lasting relationship for you with your dog. We aren’t fixated on a ‘one size fits all’ approach to training. In fact there are various techniques which can equally achieve a successful outcome.

Quite often people with aggressive or anti-social dogs find it difficult to find an establishment where their particular issues are addressed. We have shown over many years, with our training techniques, how disruptive dogs can be trained and become valuable pets within the home and whilst out and about.

Set within 2 acres of Essex countryside, DTCE is one of the South East’s premier Dog Training facilities. Our professional instructors possess well in excess of 30 years’ experience covering all areas of dog behaviour and positive training techniques.

Our professional dog training classes promote responsible dog ownership and will not only teach your dog obedience and good manners, it will help you to understand the complexities of owning a dog, how to get the best from your pet and how to ensure a happy and safe pet within your home, when walking on the lead and when running in the park.

At DTCE, we offer a variety of classes in fun, patient and rewarding environments. These classes are designed to increase confidence in you as an owner and develop an understanding and permanent bond between you and your dog.

We cater for all breeds and our classes start with our much loved puppy classes through varying levels of obedience and agility training to more specialist training sessions for anti-social and difficult dogs. In addition to classes on the premises, we can offer ‘one-to-one’ sessions at locations of your choice if the group sessions are not suited or convenient to you. If your dog is in for boarding, at our adjacent boarding kennels, we can offer our own handlers to train or socialise your dog while you are away.


Andy Wilson


Andy Wilson, one of our chief instructors, benefits from having many years’ experience and success in this field. In fact DTCE was established originally to purposely deal with pets with temperament issues and aggressive or anti-social behaviour.

Andy, is also available for individual consultations and ‘one to one’ training at your home or a place of your choice.
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Tracey Occleshaw


Along with Andy our other chief instructor, Tracey Occleshaw, shares the passion and ability to ensure you get the very best from your dog. Tracey has extensive knowledge and many years’ experience in obedience training. Tracey, the owner of an established Boarding Kennels and Doggy Day Care centre for nearly 30 years has devoted her full working career to working with and understanding dog’s behaviours

Her puppy classes, in particular, have become increasingly popular and she will ensure that you and you puppy will get off to the very best start possible in a fun and fulfilling environment.

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